I can truly say you operate from a standpoint of love and integrity: the highest ideals from which a person lives.
— Khush Panthaky, Client.

Having lived a full and beautiful life, I've realized that the only thing that does matter in life is to be grateful for what I have, accept myself and everything around me just as it is, without judgement, condemnation or criticism. I approach every person and every situation from the same perspective - point of love, compassion & kindness.

Every person and every experience allows me not only a chance to grow and learn but to be very creative. 

Respect & Integrity are my foundation, not only to my personal life, but also in my business practice. These are not just fancy words that I use to make things sound good, these are my standards that I chose to live by. I work full time, helping people achieve their goals & dreams, and I am loving every moment of it. 

Hire me to work for you and you will know what it means to work with Luba.

My Professional path

My professional career began in Ukraine as a teacher, taking on the challenge of teaching and assisting young children with learning disabilities. It taught me many valuable lessons that have had a big impact on my professional life, but perhaps most importantly, very quickly in life I have learned that to achieve success I had to be patient, persevere, carefully observe, listen and learn. 

Shortly after arriving to Canada in 1994 to start a new life here in Toronto, I began a new career which spanned a very successful five-year period as an on-air TV host and reporter for OMNI TV's "Svitohliad", a weekly Ukrainian news, arts and entertainment program.  I enjoyed the interaction with the community and the opportunities, which allowed me to get to know the sights, sounds, charm and character of our great city and its people.  

International Design Show, Toronto.

International Design Show, Toronto.

So many people had great and interesting stories to share. I learned to ask the right questions, and be the catalyst to let it all flow out!  The time spent at OMNI TV also allowed me to be actively involved in worthy local causes and the spirit of the people I witnessed left me passionate about my city and my community.

While working as a Manager of Marketing and Sales at Mikotel Network Inc., a high tech computer company, although only for a couple of years, this experience dramatically enhanced my knowledge in the field of marketing and sales.

Eager for a new challenge, I focused on professional sales, spending over seven years putting hundreds of happy, satisfied customers in their new BMW’s and Porsche’s. I offered outstanding service, professional courtesy, respect, and integrity to everyone who came through the door.

Product knowledge was critical and my ability to convey that knowledge to my customers, helping them select the right product and understand their individual needs was key to my success. This gave me more insight into the business world that could not be learned behind a camera or in a classroom. I enjoyed every aspect of it. 

After over twenty three years, I comfortably call the West End of Toronto my home.

From my experiences as a homeowner, trained negotiator and a sales guru, I saw a new growing and passion, which was Real Estate Sales. So, here I am!

MY real estate chapter

Having experienced great success in sales and in homes, moving into Real Estate simply felt like a natural and quite logical progression.  I dove into a new career in condo sales with a well-respected property Development Company, Tridel, to work, but most importantly to learn.  Working with Tridel, I received excellent training and mentorship from some of the brightest, innovative real estate professionals in Canada. 

With my broad background in media, marketing management and professional sales, I bring a rather unique and refreshing individual approach to buyers and sellers alike. 

For nearly 10 years(!) I continued to apply all of the important lessons I learned and my path brought me to Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage, a very progressive, dynamic business environment (which is a great fit for me!).

Royal LePage is Canada's oldest and largest Canadian owned Real Estate Company. Founded in 1913 by Albert LePage when he was just 26 years old, Royal LePage is now Canada’s largest Real Estate company. I firmly believe that one can only become the oldest and largest company by simply being the best. For over 100 years Royal LePage has led the real estate industry and has set the standards for all other real estate companies to follow.

Being a Real Estate Broker provides me with opportunities to get back into my community on a daily basis, just like during my TV days.  It also allows me to be more broadly and actively involved in a business role and allows my entrepreneurial, creative and my artistic abilities and instincts to flow. 

My practice incorporates the very latest in cutting-edge, web-based advertising tools, leveraging every social media platform available. I stay abreast of innovations to make sure my clients have access to every conceivable advantage.

With my broad background in media, marketing management and professional sales, I bring a rather unique and refreshing approach to buyers and sellers alike. Like the people I interviewed for TV, every real estate client too has a story to tell, and I listen to the details. 

I feel so fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet so many exceptional people who helped me when I needed help and taught me many valuable life lessons. This is my turn to give back to my community and to my people.

I am here to help you with any of your real estate needs and, as many of you already know, I am most delighted to assist. I look forward to hearing from you and am grateful for your continued loyalty. 

I truly hope to have the opportunity to hear your story soon.

Respectfully yours,



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