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service you can trust!


service you can trust!


Hi, I'm Luba!

An entrepreneur, independent thinker, philanthropist, a personal confidant who will get the job done well every time. Overall, a bundle of positive energy, dedicated to making the world a happier place, one home and one client at the time.

I’m trusting that the site I’ve created will give you the tools and knowledge to position yourself comfortably in the driver’s seat of your real estate transaction. 

For me, Real Estate is not just a business, it's PERSONAL.

I had a wonderful experience purchasing with Luba’s thoughtful guidance. Luba has an open mind and stays positive while keeping focus on a beneficial end result that matches the clients’ needs. She maintains great ongoing relationships, and is full of life. These are qualities her potential clients will appreciate: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.
— Greg Pyper, JLL Company Industries Commercial Real Estate
Luba is a highly organized, energetic, and dedicated real estate Broker. She has excellent negotiating skills, strong knowledge of the Toronto real estate market, and is always in tune with the interests of her client
— David Brown, 3-time client

10 things to know about me

  • Trust is everything to me
  • I don’t do mediocre. I thrive on great attention to detail
  • My clients experience outstanding results, ranking me highest in customer satisfaction and revenue
  • I set new record sale prices in the Toronto Real Estate market for my clients. It's always a collective effort
  • I am passionate. I know that anything is possible if we try & I consistently keep proving the same to myself
  • I’m happy to share my valued & trusted network of trades & professionals to maximize the return on your investment
  • I'm grateful to my clients for their continued support & referrals
  • I love my clients and they love me because we understand our common goal & together work towards it
  • I am making the world a happier place, one home and one family at the time
  • Together, we help many charities while having FUN doing it!




recently sold LISTINGS

88 Park Lawn Suite 3002

Sold for Record Price in 6 days

50 Quebec Ave PH7

Sold for Record Price in 1 day

188 Oakmount Rd

Sold for Record price in 7 days


NUVO Condominium

Hard Loft Conversion

Detached Single Family Home


You deserve A better experience

You deserve A better experience

my winning strategies WORKING FOR YOU

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love is put in the giving.
— Mother Teresa

Trusted network

Luba has an extensive network of tradespeople upon whom she can call at a moment’s notice to bring their skills into the mix as needed and to ensure that all of the finer details have been taken care of
— John Subelj, 2-time client


personalized staging

If you are selling, Luba will do everything it takes to ensure that your property is exposed to the broadest market, but only once she has added her special touch to ensure that your home has been Staged and made ready for sale in the most Loving way to attract the most attention possible, and therefore, the highest quality offers.
— John Anderton, client



Luba is a highly organized, energetic, and dedicated real estate Broker. She has excellent negotiation skills, strong knowledge of the Toronto real estate market, and is always in tune with the interests of her client.
— David Brown, 3-time client


full service

So, our lives have changed.
You turned what at time seemed an overwhelming challenge into a simple one. You took on most of the stress of attaining our goals for us and you made it seem easy. In appreciation, the very least we can do is to offer our sincere and considered recommendation for the professional and personable work of Luba Beley
— Rosemary Winn, 2-time client


Interior  Design

Luba has an impeccable eye, and more than that, she can work magic faster than it takes for you to fret whether she can get it done. She can and she is great at what she does! I highly recommend her!
— David Smyth, 3-time client


marketing & care

The fact that our condo sold for over 20% of the asking price, an amazing fact to be sure, would not be our primary reason for recommending her services. More importantly were Luba’s exemplary principles and the Relationship of Trust that developed between us.
Her comprehensive knowledge of the real estate industry, broad marketing skills and personal care and concern for her clients is truly unconditional
— Gayle & David Marks, 2-time clients

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Everyone who has worked with me can attest that I am not just in it for the sale, I am in it to foster long lasting relationships.
Every client and every home I deal with is treated with the utmost care & respect, as it is the foundation of my mission statement. 
I am committed to serve my clients with good intentions and unending care.

Persistence, credibility and consistency are Luba’s most remarkable qualities. She approaches everything from the point of view of love, great care and obviously success. That’s what makes her work for you and with you so special.
— John Anderton, Client

Sale of 208 Niagara TH59

Sale of 50 Quebec Ave PH7

Sale of 77 Superior Ave

you are in good company

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. is the largest real estate brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area. The Bloor West Village branch represents the highest standards of service, training and innovative thinking that have defined our dynamic organization since 1913. 

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. is the leading real estate brokerage in the region. With deep roots in the community, we continue to set the standard through service excellence, personal commitment and innovation. You deserve the best in real estate representation, and there’s nobody better than Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd. This is where you belong!


PRESIDENT'S GOLD awards winner 2018 - 2015

PRESIDENT'S GOLD awards winner 2018 - 2015

THE MASTER SALES awards winner 2014 - 2012

THE MASTER SALES awards winner 2014 - 2012

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Let's Connect

Let's Connect

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