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When people share the same values and respect for each other, and have the drive to achieve the same goals - outstanding results are assured.

Having been trained by the best companies in the world, I’ve enjoyed great success in high-end sales, marketing management and television for nearly 20 years. As a result, I’ve developed high ethical and business standards, learned how to listen and approach every client, every home and every situation with utmost care, professionalism and without any judgement.

For me, real estate is not just a business, it's personal.

Knowing what questions to ask, finding out the whole story, then piecing all those puzzle pieces together to formulate an individual strategy is the reason you hire me to work for you. I take the stresses of the sale/purchase out of the equation so you can focus on what is more important to you during this moment of your life, while ensuring an optimal financial result. I thrive on watching my clients/friends succeed endlessly, regardless how much effort or time it takes on my part. 

For those who have worked with me will confirm that I'm not just in it for the sale, I'm in it for long lasting relationships. I take every client and every home I come in contact with very seriously.


I am a highly creative individual, who can do just about anything in order to maximize your property's value and not only sell it, but set a new benchmark for the highest sold property in the neighbourhood, street or condo.

I always have a strategy to present your property with it's best selling potential, whether it's a refined version of itself, a structural renovation or just a cosmetic change plus I'm able to drive the completion to get you the highest value for your property. 

My combination of skills is what helps us get the success we want every time - whether it's through Interior design, Fengshui, Staging, cutting edge Marketing Strategy paired with Superb Negotiating Skills & Creative Problem Solving..

This testimonial summarizes it all

"Persistence, credibility and consistency are Luba’s most remarkable qualities. And she approaches everything from the point of view of love. That’s what makes her work for you so special.  

If you are selling, she will do everything it takes to ensure that your property is exposed to the broadest market, but only once she has added her special touch to ensure that your home has been staged and made ready for sale in the most loving way, to attract the most attention possible, and therefore, the highest quality offers.  

Luba has an extensive network of tradespeople upon whom she can call at a moment’s notice to bring their skills into the mix as needed and to ensure that all of the finer details have been taken care of.  

If you are a purchaser, she will take you by the hand and introduce you to the best properties that are within your financial means to afford.  

Luba educates her clients so that they may proceed with the utmost confidence, knowing that she will represent their best interests in assuring a seemingly effortless transaction, even though in the background she is always working her magic to make things happen, in often difficult and sometimes protracted negotiations with the other party.  

Luba will negotiate on your behalf, whether you are a seller or a purchaser, to ensure that you obtain the optimal financial result.  

She provides a level of dedication to her clients that it unparalleled in the real estate industry, regardless of the market conditions in which they find themselves.  
Luba is responsive and communicates in real time so that her clients understand where their deal stands at every moment in the process.

She always delivers what she promises. You can count on her to provide you with the best advice based on her depth of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry as a whole."

- John Anderton, Client

my strengths that reflect our successes

Without these, my service just wouldn't be the same

  • Client Relations
  • Strong Market/Product Knowledge
  • Creative Problem Solving, Attention to Details
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership & Staff Development
  • Effectiveness in Persuading others through my Enthusiasm
  • Ability to maintain a Sense of Humour in a High-stress environment
  • Fluency in Several Languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish)
  • A Powerful Network of Amazing People is the Result

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