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New Looks for Cabinets and Countertops Emerging in 2019


New Looks for Cabinets and Countertops Emerging in 2019

New products and styles for cabinets and countertops were on display at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the industry’s biggest event, held in Las Vegas from February 19 to 21, 2019.

Dark colors, wood patterns and thin surfaces are a few of the trends inspired by natural and industrial materials.

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Wood-look patterns have been trending on flooring and wall applications for some time, but it’s new to see them on countertops. Clairidge, shown in this photo, is Cambria’s first wood-look design. It features tan, walnut brown, cream, black and gray in undulating parallel layers that mimic the look of wood grain. The Woodstone collection is inspired by the tones and movement of various wood grains. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.24.29 PM.jpg

Engineered Counters Take On Navy 

Multiple manufacturers displayed navy or navy-flecked counters, which marry well with still-trending deep blue cabinets; navy is especially popular as an island-base or lower-cabinetry color. This photo shows Cambria’s new Islington design, which has dramatic navy and other blue tones interspersed with grays and whites. It’s also part of Cambria’s new Black Marble collection.

New Technology Allows for Thinner Engineered Surfaces

Wilsonart introduced ultra-thin countertops in a range of designs: stone and quartz looks as well as wood-look and steel patterns. The European-inspired ultrathin surfaces are one-half-inch thick and can be installed with an undermount sink. The material is a new composite made of resins and paper. 

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Cosentino also introduced a thin surface with a 4-millimeter-thick version of its Dekton product, an engineered material made of glass, quartz and porcelain known for outdoor uses due to its durability and resistance to fading.

Thanks to its new thinner profile, the product can be used on cabinetry doors and drawers, backsplashes and wall cladding in kitchens and baths, as well as on furniture, and Cosentino is hoping designers will start incorporating the product more indoors. Dekton Slim is available in nine colors. 

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